Dong with the Luminous Nose R&D Video

Video documentation of our 1 week R&D in Cornwall this August made by Brett Harvey. This video includes exploration of some of the moments from the R&D week with original puppets made by Peter for the project, as well as original music by Ben Sutcliffe also made during this R&D week.

To view video on your own computer (download/view through Dropbox) follow this link: HD web version (83MB) or Mobile low res version (14MB)

Project Research and Development led by:
Peter O’Rourke
with Sarah Wright

Liz Walker
Rachel Leonard
Oliver Smart
Sarah Wright

Puppets designed and made by:
Peter O’Rourke

Original music composed, recorded and performed by:
Ben Sutcliffe

Project produced by
Lina B. Frank

Filmed by
Brett Harvey

Kneehigh Barns

With thanks to
Kneehigh Theatre
Arts Council



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