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The Dong with a Luminous Nose

The Dong with a Luminous Nose, based on Edward Lear’s darkly nonsensical poem of the same name is an exciting new puppet theatre project, currently in development. We completed the first stage in this process in the summer with an R&D week in Cornwall where we brought together a great creative team. By the end of the week everyone was pretty fired-up about the project’s potential – so, as we pause to take stock and plan the next phase, this blog is intended to reflect something of our activities so far and share in the creative process.

Noticing a similarity between Lear’s poem and an earlier work by Edgar Allen Poe was one of the many starting points that spurred this project into life. Over time, relevant themes and ideas have attached themselves firmly to this emerging piece. Many of these adjuncts stem from observations from life; of having lived in Hackney for the last thirty years; of being drawn towards life’s outsiders. But this wordless or near wordless piece is also informed by the many rich and varied visual languages the world art and design has to offer and by a shared feeling that music and puppetry can be an elegantly expressive combination.

We still have a long way to go; but I hope that the documents, images and music here will give the reader some idea of the creative journey we are on.

We are currently gathering co-commissioners, development and production support. If you are interested in a conversation contact Lina B. Frank (Producer) on linabfrank(a)gmail(dot)com

Go to THE TEAM to read who’s involved.

Go to THE POEM to read the poem by Edward Lear.

This phase of R&D has been supported by Arts Council England and Kneehigh Theatre Company

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